Farlow 3 1/2" Perfect fly reel - with wishbone check

SKU: VFT12309

For sale here is a Perfect-style reel made by Farlow's of London - a 3 1/2 inch "Aluminum" model. It has the rarest and most attractive of check systems - the wishbone, or spring check. These springs that provide the tension against a running fish are not the strongest I've encountered. Slight spool wobble and end play - could probably use a re-bushing but fishable as is. Holdfast logo and maker info stamped on winding plate. Serial number stamped on reel foot. No line grooves to rims or attractive shouldered pillars. Correct smooth and full length brass foot - 2.6". Attractive brown handle spins freely - not sure if it's original or not. Replacement spool screw is also a possibility on this one. Reel has not been cleaned. Slight corrosion on the rims and one section of the spool. Price reflects a fishing reel with a hard life but many years of service left.