Felty 911 Fly Reel


For sale here is a Felty 911 fly reel in mint condition. Made in South Africa. Diameter is 3.8". Spool width is 7/8". Weight is 7.7 oz. without line or backing. Right hand retrieve. Silent in/out operation. Made from anodized aluminum. Saltwater resistant. Very strong sealed disc drag when required. Palmable rim. Easy spool removal. Capacity WF10F + 325 yds of backing or an 11 line with slightly less backing. Comes with original box, reel pouch, paperwork, and reel oil.

Found on the web:
FELTY Fly Reels combine superb engineering and workmanship to produce one of the smoothest drags on offer. The revolutionary Drag System on the FELTY reel is permanently lubricated which provides incredible smoothness and unparalleled consistency under all conditions.These fully machined reels are lightweight, superbly strong and have great line capacity making them ideal for local waters. While it gives us pleasure to tell you about the FELTY reel, we realise that it is by the opinions of those that have fished with a FELTY that our product will be judged.

The main technology in the FELTY reel lies in the revolutionary lubricated multi-disc drag system contained within the spindle of the reel. The containment of the drag discs within the confined space of the hollow spindle allows significantly higher pressures to be applied to the discs than would otherwise have been possible with a drag located outside of the spindle. This compression within a confined space derives maximum efficiency from the drag working surfaces which in turn allows us to use lubricated PTFE (Teflon) for a superbly smooth and consistent drag with low start up inertia. There are three drag discs within the reel with a total of six working surface areas.

It is worth noting that all drag components are individually machined to exact tolerances to ensure optimal performance. If you are interested in the technical information, the drag discs are made of PTFE or Polytetrafluorethene. PTFE has the lowest coefficient of all known solid materials and as the static and dynamic coefficients are almost equal, "stick-slip" movement is almost eliminated. It is non-wetting and self-lubricating. PTFE has outstanding resistance to all chemicals and solvents due to the molecular stability of the carbon-fluorine bond. It has a wider working temperature than any other plastic. It can be used continuously at up to 250 degrees Celsius and at the other extreme, PTFE has been used successfully at the temperature of liquid helium (-269 degrees Celsius) without embrittlement. Teflon and Fluoron are registered trade names for PTFE.
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