Ferrule Plugs

Plugs are a great way to protect your fly rod and ensure clean, tight-fitting ferrules. These stylish versions, fitted with cork and machined in-house from brass bar stock, will do just that, providing a snug fit that will keep them protected for years to come. The simple coin-edge knurl around the top allows for easy removal and the cork itself has been lightly impregnated with a special silicone/parafin mix that will help keep the ferrules lubricated. To determine the proper size, please see the chart below.

While ferrules have standardized sizes there is occasionally some small variation across makers, so the best foolproof way to get the right fit is to measure the outer diameter of the male ferrule with a micrometer. Barring that, we can often make reasonably educated guesses about ferrule sizes based on the general specs of a rod. Please don't hesitate to email us if you have questions. Also please note that the price listed is for each individual ferrule plug so they should be ordered accordingly.