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Fly Boxes and Flies - Benefiting Kids with Cancer

For sale here are a few fly collections known as the "Feathers In The Wind" Trout Flies, from the desk of Jerry Warrington and friends. Jerry is an ongoing cancer survivor and still fighting the battle fiercely.
Jerry's words on the cancer battles and the evolution of the classes: "In the late 1990's, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the removal of which would find me assigned to nine months of rehab, to "re-learn" the everyday things we all take for granted.
"My chief oncologist also was an avid fly fisherman, and he suggested to my wife that she bring my portable fly-tying kit on her next visit, in order to shorten my learning curve on regaining my hand/eye coordination and limb usage. I used the kit to push through the obstacles, and completed my rehab in six months, instead of nine.
"During my "re-learning to tie flies" sessions, I began noticing an onlooker or two-- kids from the cancer center. Soon, the occasional visitor became a group, and the visitations grew into a regular part of my day.
"It was on the long drive home that my wife and I began pulling together the prospects of doing actual tying classes for kids and their parents battling/surviving cancer-- small gatherings of 12-14 kids, as our home is just a bit bigger than a cabin. Smaller classes would mean more time with each of "my kids," and it would allow me to keep the classes free of charge. Me and mine have been doing it annually since then.
"For me, the cancer war hasn't stopped since then. I've survived two other tumors, including one that rendered me blind in 2004. In 2009, my eyesight was restored by a "miracle surgery."
"Through it all, however, we've manged to keep the classes available. Family and friends pitched in during the "sightless" years, and today, I celebrate just over four years of being back in the sighted community, a true blessing in and of itself..."
The purchase of the "FITW" fly-filled boxes(approximately 110+ flies) will help Jerry continue to the classes and help him pay for tools, supplies and materials for "his kids." 100% of the proceeds of each sale go directly to Jerry and his cause.

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