Fly Rod Collection (Lot of 11 Fly Rods)

SKU: VFT3947

For sale here is a lot consisting of 11 fly rods.

Rod 1: A custom built 2-piece graphite fly rod 9'6" 10/11wt. The rod was built for Al Jaramillo. Hand written script in white reads "Custom Built For Al Jaramillo by Peggy, Dave, and Freddy 6-11-81" The rod is in good shape with no major issues at all. It appears that a reel has never been mounted on the rod. Up-locking reel seat. Black foam grip and fighting butt are in good condition but do show some age. All the guides are secure and the ferrules fit nicely with no cracks. The rod has a nice medium action. Comes with green rod bag. Rod weighs 7.45 oz.

Rod 2: A very early 2-piece G. Loomis demo fly rod. 8'6" 8wt. Rod script reads "Gary Loomis FR10213 IMX" "DEMO" written horizontally. The rod is fair shape. it shows some age and use. The ferrule fits nicely and is not cracked. The cork and fighting butt though soiled are in good shape. Up-locking reel seat in good shape. All guides are secure. The last 9" of the tip have broken off at some point. The broken tip-top piece will be included and can easily be fixed. Rod does not have a bag or tube. Rod weighs 5.20 oz. with broken piece included.

Rod 3: Browning - Diana Grade Graphite fly rod 9'6" 12wt. Model # 1229962. 2-piece. This rod is in mint condition.The reversed half wells grip and fighting butt still have the plastic shrink wrap on them. Comes with original velvet-like bag and original aluminum tube.

Rod 4: An identical twin to the Browning rod listed above. Comes with warranty card.

Rod 5: Custom built 2-piece graphite fly rod 9'6" 9wt. This rod was also built for Al Jaramillo and is a twin of the rod listed above with the exception of the line weight. White handwritten script reads " Custom Built For Al Jaramillo 3-17-82 by Fre-Dave G959 "

Rod 6: A Fenwick BoronX 8'6" 8wt 2-piece. Made in the USA. The rod is in excellent condition. All guides are secure. The up-locking reel seat is in great condition as is the cork, although lightly soiled. Rod weighs 3 1/2 oz. Comes with bag and original Fenwick aluminum tube.

Rod 7: A graphite Powell 9' 12wt custom fly rod. Rod was built for Al Jaramillo by Los Pinos Rods. Rod is in excellent condition with the exception of a few marks to the blank. Uplocking reel seat is in great condition. Ferrule fit tightly and securely, no cracks. Black foam grip and fighting butt are also in good condition. Rod comes with custom Los Pinos rod bag and heavy duty aluminum tube.

Rod 8: A custom made 9' 9/10wt graphite 2-piece fly rod. Made for Al Jaramillo by Bob Crompton. The rod is in very good shape. All guides are secure. The ferrule fits securely. The down-locking chrome reel seat and black foam are in great shape. Rod comes with custom rod bag and a large tube capable of holding several more rods.

Rod 9: A no-name 8'6" 11/12wt two-handed 2-piece fly rod. The rod is good condition with the exception of the last 4" of the tip being broken off. The broken off piece will be included. The cork is soiled but in great condition. A few cosmetic marks on the blank. The ferrule fits great with no cracks. An easily fixed two-hander. Comes with G. Loomis PVC rod tube.

Rod 10: A custom 8'6" 6wt graphite fly rod. Rod is in excellent condition. Ferrule fit is very good. the cigar shaped cork grip is soiled but in great condition. Down-locking reel seat with wood spacer shows some wear but nothing major. The rod has a nice medium action. Comes with custom bag and aluminum tube.

Rod 11: A Lamiglas 9'6" 8/9wt custom for Al Jaramillo. Rod is in very good condition. The one issue is the top wrap on the fitst stripper guide could stand to be re-wrapped. It could be fished now as-is though. Rod fits together snug and securely. No cracks or splits at the ferrules. The rod has a cool 80s/90s style crosshatch pattern signature wrap. Aluminum down-locking reel seat is in excellent condition. The cigar/reverse half wells cork grip is lightly soiled and in great shape as is the fighting butt. Rod comes with green rod bag and a plastic triangular rod tube made for holding several rods.

All rods are sold together in one lot. Thanks for looking.