Franke, Dennis -- Glastech Parametric 7'4 4wt

SKU: VFT11426

For sale here is a Dennis Franke/Glastech Parametric 7'4" / 4wt / 2 piece rod.

You won't see another like this. It's so much easier to aquire twenty Russ Peak rods than one Glastech. This is the crown jewel for any collector or fisherman. Most likely the most valuable, looked after and coveted rod in today's fiberglass market.

his rod was made in 1997. The rod is in excellent original condition. Every Glastech rod was custom made to meet every customer's need and this one is no exception. The original owner wanted a 7'4" rod, and although there never was such a rod in Dennis' catalog, he agreed to make one. Most likely this is the only 7'4" Parametric 4wt ever produced. When you get the rod, put it under a bright light to see the "stealth" inscription written on both sides of the spigot ferrule. Medium fast parabolic action.