Gallas 7'9" 2/2 #5 Parabolic

An excellent J.W. Gallas rod, a 7'9" 5wt. 2-piece, 2-tip "Parabolic". Medium fast and very powerful action. Judging by the wear on the guides, only one tip has been cast just a few times. The rod is straight and the Super Z style ferrules are tight. Varnished flamed shafts are wrapped green with black edges. Medium cigar grip with nicely done ring and pocket cap with alternating bands of walnut, cork, and walnut. Nicely made ferrule plug. A few minor chips in the oxidation on the cap. It has become harder to find craftsmen willing to do fine varnish work but John Gallas is one of those willing to go the extra mile. An excellent example of his work. Comes with a brass-topped aluminum tube.

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