Pinky Gillum 9' 3/2 Bamboo Rod

SKU: VFT5229

For sale here is a Harold S. "Pinky" Gillum fly rod in excellent condition. Nine feet with three sections and two tips. Original bag and tube. Weighs 5.6 oz. The ferrule fit remains excellent. The butt section female appears to be a Halstead ferrule and the rest are Super Zs. This is not uncommon with rods Gillum made for close friends, who also requested rods not be marked on the cane. The rod is exactly nine feet long and the fact that every section is equal length lends credibility to this rod being originally made with the Halstead ferrule (typically the Halstead ferrules were 3/8" longer than the equivalent size Super Z). I've also learned that the rod was made for Gillum's neighbor in exchange for television repairs (costly back then!), and stayed in their family for decades. The grip has some slight ridging. The rod was made with resorcinol glue and has a die-stamped uplocking reel seat. Strong medium action. The widely accepted thought was that Gillum produced about 1000 rods in his career. Don't let this one get away.....this is a really nice price for a Gillum rod!

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