Goodwin Granger Model 7030 Aristocrat Bamboo Rod

SKU: VFT4756

For sale here is a very scarce 7 foot Goodwin Granger Aristocrat Model 7030 bamboo rod. Two sections with two tips. The rod is one of the "original" GoodwinGranger 7030s circa 1939-41. Very desirable with the short-lived "narrow band" slide band reel seat and hammer handle grip. All sections are full-length and straight. It appears that one tip (the one with the lighter colored wraps) is a replacement. The micrometer measurement differences are 0.20 mm to 0.30 mm thicker on this tip. The original tip and the butt section appear to be totally original with no repairs. The replacement tip could have been ordered as a "heavy" tip and made later, who knows really? The reel seat is a bit dinged up, but this doesn't prevent reels from fitting as they should. The rod weighs 2.90 oz. with the original tip and 2.95 oz. with the replacement tip. The ferrules are 12/64 and the fit is excellent. Comes with its original bag and labeled tube. Priced as a one-tip rod.