Hardy Bougle Lightweight I Fly Reel

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A rare Hardy Bougle Lightweight I fly reel, measuring approximately 2.80" across the pillars with the spool diameter of 2.20". The weight is 3.15 oz. The reel can be used left or right handed. In a bronzed grey colour with silver spool. Like some of these reels, which were made for the Japanese market, this one says "Bougle Agate I" on the winding plate even though there is no agate lineguard. This reel is in excellent overall condition with some mounting marks on the foot,  some slight wear to the edges of the frame, and a tiny bit of displacement on the inner part of the groove for the spool nut which you twist out to take the spool off. Nice teardrop porting making this a very light little reel, perfect for small rod, light line work. Comes in the original box with paperwork but no pouch.