Hardy Brass Face Perfect 4" Fly Reel

For sale here is a Hardy Brass Face Perfect wide drum fly reel - 4" diameter. Excellent working condition, a very tight reel mechanically. While not being collector-quality due to some work having been performed on the reel, it remains a great user reel offered at a nice price. The frame finish and spool finish has been nicely restored to a dark leaded appearance. The reel foot had some waves to it so we sent it to Bill Archuleta for a straightening. While he couldn't get all of the waves entirely straight, he did get it to the point where it fits securely on reel seats. The inner spool flanges and back of the winding plate have been cleaned/polished. The scratch on the front of the winding plate is just that, not a crack. The check spring and turk's head screw may be also be replacements, but if so, was done so in a very professional manner. The handle spins freely. All parts are stamped with a "2". No line burns on the pillars. Get this workhorse back on the river!

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