Hardy Brass Face Salmon Perfect Wide Spool Fly Reel 4 1/4" [SALE PENDING]

SKU: 716

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A very nice Hardy Brass Face wide drum perfect in a rare 4 1/4" size. 1905 check. Brass face with rod-in-hand logo and "Hardy's Pat 'Perfect Reel'" straight line logo on opposing sides. White ivorine handle spins freely. "Turk's head" style tension adjuster in excellent shape. Nice patina on the frame which is in great shape overall with normal expected use but free of defects. Knurled inner edge on the frame. The pillars are in excellent shape and free of line grooves. Very tight ported spool with no wobble. Great springs which offer a loud, satisfying click. Smooth brass foot. No case or pouch. A very nice reel here.