Hardy Bros. Hollokona Hollolight Bamboo Rod 8' 3/2 5wt

SKU: VFT5730

For sale here is a nice example of Hardy's "hollow built" split cane trout rod - the Hollokona Hollolight. Both rod and bag are completely original and in good order, with the minor exception of one tip section being 1 1/2" short and re-wrapped crudely but functionally. Tyings of gold silk with black tips and full intermediate wraps. Gold anodised sliding ring and 'W' fitting and alloy stoppers. Number H35944 giving a date of 1961. Hardy's catalogue refers to this rod as a 5 weight although it would be comfortable with a 6 as well. The rod weighs 4.1 oz. The ferrule sizes are 12/64 and 17/64. Nice all-around trout rod!