Hardy Bros. Palakona "C.C. de France" Bamboo Rod 6'10 4-5wt


For sale here is a Hardy Palakona "C.C. de France" 6'10" 2/1 4-5wt bamboo fly rod. Serial H12678, made in 1957. The rod is in excellent original condition with a few exceptions. There is an invisible repair wrap over a break on the tip section 6 1/2" in length starting about an inch above the ferrule. No length was lost. The wraps have received a light touch-up coat of varnish at some point in the rods life. Both sections are full length with a kink in the tip section, ferrule likely needs to be reset.

Pumpkin-toned cane with deep gold wraps and full intermediates. Blued guides. Agate stripper. the script remains clean and bold. Handsome aluminum winding check. The short cigar grip measures 4 3/4" with moderate soiling. Aluminum cap and ring reel seat over a cork spacer. the butt cap features the Hardy stamp. The blued ferrules are size 14/64 with a pleasing fit. The rod weighs a lean 3.05 oz. The action on the faster side of medium-fast; crisp, smooth, and capable of very accurate casts. Includes a replacement bag and a handsome leather rod tube.