Hardy Bros. "The Alma" Reel

SKU: VFT11067

The Alma Reel, made by Hardy Brothers of Alnwick.

This 4 ¾” diameter sea reel with ebonite end plates was developed as a 2 geared, one to one and 2.5 to one, free spooling reel from the design of Mr Alma Baker - see scan from Hardy catalogue for more details.

Hardy records show that only 17 in total were made, in 1926 and ’27 [a single one was made in 1934 but this would not have had the ebonite end plates]

Duralumin frame with phosphor bronze and brass gearing; star drag, counterbalanced handle, double set of fighting harness lugs and leather thumb brake pad.

The reel is in good condition considering it is almost 90 years old – the only blemish is a crack or scar to the head plate, near the gear neutral position – see photos, otherwise, there are no visible faults.

Rare is an overused word in tackle collecting, but this is an opportunity to acquire a genuinely rare Hardy reel – a fine centrepiece for any Hardy or sea reel collection.