Hardy Bros. "The Davy Reel"

SKU: VFT5423

For sale here is an exceedingly scarce "The Davy Reel" by Hardy Bros.

Only 187 of the Davy Reels were made in a ten-year time span from 1930 to 1939. Very few of these reels remain due to their heavy use and fragile-nature and fewer remain in pristine condition as this one we are offering for sale. This one appears to be 100% original and is in excellent+ condition, cosmetically and mechanically. Made by legendary Hardy reelmaker, Jimmy Smith. I've looked over the reel very closely and there are no issues to disclose other than minor handling wear.

The Davy Reel was originally designed at the request of Martin Davy for dry-fly-fishing, compared to its predecessor, the "Eureka" trotting reel, which was designed for coarse fishing, having a wider drum and no tension regulator like the Davy. It's unknown why the Davy Reel design retained the usual two-handle feature of the trotting reels. Mr. Davy was also the designer of the Davy Rod and the M.B. Davy cast. More details of the history of this reel and Mr. Davy can be found in John Drewett's wonderful book on the Hardy Brothers, also available for sale here, as well as "The House the Hardy Brothers Built", by J.L. Hardy, which can be found for sale here.

The Davy Reel's diameter is 3 1/2" and the width between the drum plates measures a paltry 17/32", which made the Davy Reel far slimmer than any other Hardy trout reel. The reel weighs 5.6 oz. The unmolested ribbed brass reel foot measures 2.4".

Nowhere else will you see this reel photographed in more detail than here at Vintage Fly Tackle. This reel cleaned up very well. I spent over an hour removing the old grease and grime from the interior workings of the reel. The result is a splendidly preserved example of one of the most difficult Hardy reels to acquire. Don't let this one get away!