Hardy Bros "The James Hardy C.C. de France Celebration Set"

SKU: VFT6496

For sale here is a "The James Hardy Hardy C.C. de France Celebration Set". This limited edition set, one of 100 made, was produced in 2005 by James Hardy. In 1910 John James Hardy received a request from members of the Aristocratic Casting Club of France for a short, light, split-bamboo fly rod. Hardy produced a 7 foot, 2 piece rod that weighed a shade over 3 oz, which he personally demonstrated to his fellow club members, and succeeded in making a cast of 25 yards. The rod became a favorite of Hardy's and was cataloged under the name "C.C. de France" from 1911 to 1961. This set has been created in celebration of that achievement, and includes a 7' 4wt C.C. de France split bamboo rod, with celebration set #48 on each of the three sections (butt and two tips), as well as a silver anodized three-inch Bougle Lightweight fly reel, also marked C.C. de France and with serial number A34391, in addition to the "048 - Limited Edition" tail plate. This limited set also includes a Phoenix double taper 4 weight fly line, commemorative medal inscribed with the "C.C. de France" logo and fly emblem, all housed in a fantastic leather case by Emmebi. Please note that the wax-sealed and embossed letter signed by Jim Hardy with a detailed history of this set is missing.