Hardy Contracted Brass Face Perfect 3 1/8" Fly Reel

SKU: VFT11585

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For sale here is an extremely scarce contracted model Hardy Brass Face Perfect fly reel - 3 1/8" diameter with 1896 check and all three logos on the winding plate. The patina of this brass face as well as the logo clarity are simply stunning! The leading on the spool and frame is excellent. Cosmetically and functionally the reel is in original and excellent+++ condition. Nice and tight spool/spindle fit. Full length original foot. Ivory handle spins freely. The tensioner works perfectly. Four cusps on the spool. Matching stamps throughout. One ball bearing missing? You can decide from the photos. Don't miss out on acquiring this reel -- I will venture to say that any collector would be very lucky to find another one in this condition.