Hardy Contracted Brass Face Perfect 3 1/8" Fly Reel - open ball race!

SKU: VFT10897

For sale here is an extremely scarce contracted model Hardy Brass Face Perfect fly reel with early check and open ball race! Made in 1899-1900. 3 1/8" diameter. All three logos on the winding plate. The patina of this brass face as well as the logo clarity are simply stunning! Ivory handle set in knurled brass fluted cup. Winding plate has the oiling hole in the embossed centre. Brass strap over tension regulator. Triple pillared cage. Four cusps to spool. Two rows of perforations around spool, outer row wider than inner row. Cosmetically and functionally the reel is in original and stellar condition. Nice and tight spool/spindle fit. Full length original foot attached with five rivets. Ivory handle spins freely. The tensioner works perfectly. Matching "3" stamps on each part. All ball bearings are accounted for. The reel also comes with its original D-block leather case with "61 Pall Mall" address in fine condition as well.

Very few genuine examples of this model ever come to market, particularly in this most desirable size. Don't miss out on acquiring this reel -- I will venture to say that any collector would search for a lifetime without locating a similar reel. And this one is in top-notch original condition! If you've known a similar reel to exist, we would love to hear about it.