Hardy LRH Lightweight Fly Reel - Black Finish

SKU: VFT11319

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For sale here is a Hardy LRH Lightweight fly reel circa 1951-1957 in near mint condition. In Marty Keane's #89 catalog he listed a similar reel (item 127) and stated he had only seen one of these black finish reels in 35 years. Comes with the original box. Full-ribbed dovetailed alloy foot. Two-screw latch plate with a riveted L-shaped line guard attached to the cross pillar. Right hand retrieve. Solid and tight as they come. Tensioner works great. Very minor cosmetic marks only. Frame is stamped "BRIT PAT. NO 658472" and "MADE BY HARDY BROS. LTD. ENGLAND". The reel weighs 3.7 oz.