Hardy Perfect 3 1/8" 1905 Check - Red Agate (repaired)

For sale here is a Hardy Perfect 3 1/8" diameter reel with 1905 check. Original red agate line guide is cracked on four corners. A detached portion of the original reel frame has been repaired and re-attached with a reinforcing steel band, screwed into the original frame. The repair is nicely done but crude as you can see. All three parts of the reel have matching number "6". The original smooth brass foot has been filed/shortened extensively, but is solid and functional. Replacement spool screw. Ivory handle spins freely. The strap-over tensioner works perfectly. A working man's reel for sure, collectors need to look elsewhere : ) Without the issues, this would be out of range price-wise for most fisherman seeking a very rare red-agate Hardy Perfect in this size. Imagine the stories you could tell with photos of this reel next to a 24 inch trout. Honestly, the reel is still very tight mechanically and the drag remains very strong. The frame repair is not an issue unless you decide to drop it multiple times.

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