Hardy Perfect 3 1/8" Fly Reel - 1906 Check

SKU: VFT5630

For sale here is a very nice 3 1/8" Hardy Perfect fly reel with 1906 check. The majority of original leading remains. The caliper spring is nice and strong and the bridged tensioner works fine. Gear teeth remain sharp. Ivory handle spins freely and is in great shape. The original smooth brass foot is full length and has a slight kink but fits reel seats just fine. No cracks whatsoever, just usual fishing wear. No spool wobble or end play. Matching stamps throughout. A very tight reel mechanically. There are some very minor silk line burns in the usual location. There are also a couple of line burns in the pillar above the one where the line usually rests. Again, nothing serious as far as integrity of the reel goes.

A super nice Hardy Perfect trout reel to this day. Don't let it get away!