Hardy Perfect 3 3/8" 1906 Check & Red Agate


For sale here is a repaired Hardy Perfect with 1906 check and un-cracked red agate line guide. 3 3/8" diameter. Zero spindle movement - super tight reel. Ivory handle spins freely. Strap over tensioner works perfectly. Spool screw is a replacement. See photos for specifics on each part of the reel. Reel foot is 2.4" long and the reel weighs 7.4 oz with the little backing on the spool. The agate bezel sits on top of the frame unlike many I've seen, but it appears to be original, although I could be mistaken here. The stamps match throughout the reel, a bonus considering the next paragraph.....

The smooth brass foot is a replacement and fits into a repaired frame as shown in photos. Cortland USA repaired the reel and I have the receipt. The repair looks a little like, well, let's just say they didn't try hard to conceal the repair like some in the Hardy "reel repair" business. The reel foot is very securely attached to the frame and the frame has no visible cracks.

Someone should be very happy to get this reel and fish the heck out of it. Imagine the photos you could take with it on a rod (winding plate facing out of course) and a large trout in the water beside it. The leading on this reel is still spectacular. And the reel foot will fit on pretty much any rod you have.

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