Hardy Perfect 3 3/8" - early check - PARTS REEL

SKU: VFT12645

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For sale here is a catastrophe. This is a "perfect" example of buying from eBay without being wise and diligent. This "was" a nice 3 3/8" Hardy Perfect with early check. I bought it many years ago and was not smart enough to return it once I examined it. Actually I didn't even look at it too closely until after the return window had passed.

Anyway, it was sold to me by a very popular seller who is now widely known as a fraud, but I didn't know it at the time. There seemed to be some pretty bad corrosion on the reel (probably from saltwater) at the time. Since then, part of the rim has cracked in two spots and totally detached from the frame. I don't have a photo of it because it really doesn't matter. This is being sold as a parts reel only and the frame is not a part you would want. The spool also shows some corrosion, but not nearly as badly, especially the outer surface.

You can judge from the photos what parts may be useful - most of them are fine, including the reel foot, handle, spool screw, tensioner and bridge, tensioner block, gear/cog, spindle, ball bearings, pawl, pawl stanchion, screws, even the early check spring seems fine and would be a nice addition to your parts inventory.