Hardy Perfect 4 1/4" fly reel - 1912 check

SKU: VFT12493

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For sale here is a 4 1/4" Hardy Perfect with the highly sought-after 1912 check. The reel is in excellent condition mechanically, tight and without issue. Cosmetically, it's not the best you will find, but for a fisherman seeking a fine user reel, this may be the one. The foot has been filed, most of the original leading has faded over time and the reel sports a fairly gnarly line burn on the stripping pillar, as can be seen clearly in the photos. Winding plate professionally engraved with original owner's initials. What makes this reel very intriguing to me is the artisan marks throughout. Unlike most Hardy's one comes across, the interior marks on this one lead me to believe William H Dingley may have been involved. There are "IV" marks on the inner frame, spool and even the check spring! There are also double dot marks on two components of the interior check as well. Other "4" markings throughout are consistent as well. Someone needs to take this warrior fishing again!

The reel comes with the large leather D-block case pictured. While not a Hardy case, this case marked for "J Bernard & Son" is in very nice shape and provides a nice and snug fit for this Hardy reel.