Hardy Perfect 4 1/4" fly reel - Dup. MKII check

SKU: VFT11992

For sale here is a 4 1/4" Hardy Perfect wide drum fly reel with Duplicated MKII check from the late 1920's. Full length ribbed brass foot. The reel is in excellent condition, with one notable repair recently. The tension regulator screw was seized and has now been replaced by Bill Archuleta. The original regulator screw was saved and will be included with the sale. Nicely aged ebonite handle spins freely. No line burns on frame or pillar. Professionally engraved initials on winding plate. Replacement spool screw but is shaped and aged perfectly. No cracks, dings or chips. I'm pretty certain I've not encountered a Hardy Perfect with as strong a check as this one, especially with the tensioner engaged. This will make someone very happy and is priced consistent with its unique attributes.