Hardy Perfect 4" 1917 check fly reel w/ rotating line guide

SKU: VFT6495

For sale here is a scarce Hardy Perfect wide drum fly reel - 4" diameter with 1917 check. Excellent+ condition. Most of the original leading (and even the lacquer!) remains on the reel surface. Rotating nickel silver line guide. Full length original foot. Ivory handle spins freely. Stamped "10" throughout. Very tight reel mechanically. No cosmetic issues to speak of other than the extremely faint initials on the winding plate (you must tilt the reel into a light source to see the initials.....hardly noticeable). The reel weighs 14.4 oz. and the reel foot measures 3 1/2" in length. The reel is 100% original with the exception of the replacement spool screw which is nicely machined.