Hardy Perfect Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition Fly Reel

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For sale here is a Hardy Perfect Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition Fly Reel. Like new condition. Left hand retrieve. One of a limited edition of just 250 to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and 140 years of Hardy Bros. Equipped with red agate line-guard set in a handmade nickel silver bezel. 1912 adjustable check system with ivorine handle. Supplied with its original outer box, marked presentation box, as well as a commemorative limited edition Hardy Bros. Medallion. Also included is a handmade black leather reel case and the brochure that came with each reel. 3 1/4" diameter. 5.9 oz. Capacity DT6+35m or WF7+60m.

Some background follows:

A Diamond Jubilee is generally a celebration held to mark a 75th anniversary. But in the case of the British monarchy, the celebration marks the 60th year that a monarch has reigned.

Queen Elizabeth II, who acceded the throne of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries upon the death of her father, King George VI, in 1952, celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 2012 (also the 100 year anniversary of the Hardy's famed 1912 check!)

Why 60 years for a monarch vs. the usual 75? No British monarch has ever reigned for 75 years.In 1897, Queen Victoria reached her 60th year as monarch. She had largely withdrawn from public life after the death of her beloved husband Albert in 1861. To celebrate her reign and reconnect her with the public, it was decided to bring the Diamond Jubilee forward to her 60th anniversary, and the change in official procedure stuck.