Hardy Perfect Fly Reel 3 5/8"

SKU: VFT12714

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For sale here is a pre-war 3 5/8" Hardy Perfect. MKII check - one pawl engageable, the other a spare. Fine mechanical condition - no issues. Original agate line guide is flawless. Original and full-length ribbed brass foot. Gear teeth and pawls still very sharp. No stampings found on either of the three pieces. Nice thick ebonite handle spins freely. "Hardy's Pat" on the line guide bezel. Tensioner works great and the spring is still very strong.

Now for the bad news.....I sold this reel to a repeat overseas customer who decided to polish the front and back (nice job by the way) and in the process of doing so, must have dropped it and cracked the rim. The funny thing is he then wanted to return the reel.....being as amenable as I am and not wanting to lose him as a customer, I accepted the reel back but only refunded him $200 of the original $495 price. So that's what I'm selling it for here. The crack is shown in the photos and is evident on both sides of the rim. You could fish it until it breaks and then part out the rest of the reel (really nice parts) for more than $200. I can't believe the agate is still uncracked : )