Hardy Silex Multiplier 2 3/4" - early and very rare!

SKU: VFT5945

For sale here is a scarce example of the 2 3/4" diameter Hardy Silex Multiplier, catalogued between 1924 and 1937. Designed, said Hardys, as being "suitable for fine fishing in low water". Between John Drewett's Hardy book and other sources, there are believed to have been between approximately 400-550 of these reels ever made and of this amount, 51 were first model reels with the external oil pipe. This one is in excellent plus, smooth free-turning condition. Original unmolested ribbed foot on offset circular drive plate, round waisted ivorine release lever, button-type regulator marked "brake indicator", centrifugal governor, and an external oil pipe from bearing to rim, as well as two interior oil pipes through each the main rim and the drive plate rim. This very well could be a unique transitional reel with a combination of features seen pre- and post-1928. Joe Johnson's initials appear on the inside of the reel. No cracks, chips, or dings. The reel comes with an original box for a 3 1/2" version of the JJ Hardy Silex.

If anyone can help add details as to the "transitional" nature of this reel, I would welcome your comments. I've obviously detailed the reel heavily via photos.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a similar reel in such pristine condition.