Hardy St. George Multiplier 3 3/8" Fly Reel - LHW

SKU: VFT6043

For sale here is a very scarce Hardy St. George Multiplier 3 3/8" fly reel with three-screw latch in left-hand retrieve. This model was made from 1927 to 1939 and this particular one appears to have been made near the end of that time period with a bright finish. Excellent condition throughout. The ribbed brass foot is full length and has not been filed. The reel is nice and tight mechanically. The agate line guide is un-blemished. The ebonite handle spins freely. The tension regulator works as intended. Nice strong check throughout its range. The reel weighs 8 3/4 oz. and the reel foot is 2 3/8" long.

I've been told there may be a little as five of these reels ever made in LHW (if you know otherwise, please let us know). You may not see another one in a very long time ;-)