Hardy St. George Trout Reel

The Hardy St. George is steeped in history. Named for the Patron Saint of England, St. George reels were first introduced in 1911 as a complement to the Perfect series and were in production in various designs and finishes until 1982 (including of course, the popular St. George ̢‰â?ÒJunior̢‰âÂÌ_ which was first introduced in 1928). Today̢‰â?ã¢s St. George ̢‰â?ÛÏ made once again in Hardy̢‰â?ã¢s Alnwick factory in England ̢‰â?ÛÏ boasts all of the desirable features of the originals: rugged construction, silky smooth adjustable click-check drags, and classic styling including marine brass and nickel-silver alongside traditional natural agate line guards and the ̢‰âÂèÏIvorine̢‰â?㢠handle. In fact, the only change from the early reels is the use of bar stock aluminum construction, rather than the older and less durable cast aluminum. Needless to say, we̢‰â?ã¢re delighted to have this Hardy classic available once again. Features
  • Made in Alnwick, England
  • All models available in left or right hand wind
  • Available in two finishes, black and spitfire-grey
  • Anodised 6061 barstock aluminium construction
  • Supplied in soft, sheepskin lined leather pouch
  • Available in two sizes ̢‰â?ÛÏ the 2 9/16? ̢‰â?ÒJunior̢‰âÂÌ_ and 3?
  • Agate line guard set in nickel silver casing
  • Ivorine type handle
  • Interchangeable spools
  • Wide ranging click-check drag mechanism
  • 3 screws latch system
  • Dovetailed reel back secured with 2 stainless steel screws

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