Hardy "Trade Reel" Pattern No. 2

For sale here is a 3 1/2” Hardy Trade Reel Pattern No. 2. with ”emergency checkwork”. Although being a low-grade Hardy reel and as the late JLH wrote, ”the least expensive reels that Hardy produced”, these are seldom seen, and in my opinion, this one is in quite good cosmetic condition retaining very much of its wartime black paint. The reel is in all original condition with its beautiful ivory handle and smooth brass foot. The full length brass foot is unfiled, although slightly bent. The check is crisp and the gear teeth sharp. There is some end play on the spindle, but not overly objectionable while winding the reel. The reel foot has a ”MADE IN ENGLAND” stamp, but otherwise this reel doesn't have any Hardy markings - just like those offered in the original letter which was sent to their retailers in 1940.

John Drewett wrote: ”...they are often passed over by collectors who do not recognise them for what they are.”


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