Dr. Paul Hermann Baby Hermann Fly Reel


For sale here is a Baby Hermann fly reel handmade by Dr. Paul Hermann. Like new condition. The reel's winding direction is neutral so you can fish it RHW or LHW, with adequate spring tension. Ideal for a four weight line and backing. This reel is simply an amazing piece of work by Dr. Hermann, with all parts of the reel having been handcrafted. If you ever have a chance to own one of Dr. Hermann's reels, consider yourself very lucky.

The Baby Hermann weighs 5 3/4 oz. The outer ring to ring diameter is 2 5/8" and the inner spool width is approximately 7/8". The serial number is 022, one of the much-coveted models with the "plum" anodizing rather than jet black like the later models. Comes with original drawstring bag made by Kathy Hermann. Approximately 112 Baby Hermann reels exist, so don't miss this opportunity to acquire an unused example!