Hiram Hawes 6'9" 3/3 #3/4 Featherweight

A 6'9" 3-piece 3-tip Hiram Hawes for a #3 or #4 line. This is an exquisite little gem of a medium-action rod with 2 dry tips and one wet. More importantly it is not often you come across a rod with this kind of major historical significance, outlined in detail in a letter of provenance by no less than Sparse Grey Hackle. The rod originally found its way into Sparse's hands from a member of the Long Island Wyandanch Club who gave the rod to Otto Von Kienbusch, who in turn gave it to Sparse. The rod was originally a 7'6" Hawes Featherweight, serial #A521, made in 1923 by Hiram Hawes and sold through Abercrombie & Fitch. Typical of the period it was a very slow wet fly action. Sparse gave the rod to Everett Garrison to modify and improve the action. Sparse also relates how he kept the rod away from John Alden Knight, a tournament caster who he felt would try to throw 100 feet of line with it. He continues with an anecdote about Garrison who was complaining that he could not obtain a good supply of ferrules. Sparse suggested they go to see Meritt Hawes where they placed a $100 check in front of Hawes as an inducement to make ferrules. Sparse then rushed back to the city to ensure the check was covered. Talk about a rod with a lineage!

As for the rod itself it sports lovely pot-belly style ferrules and hand-turned cap and ring hardware. Naturally, it has the classic Hawes-style grip which tapers larger toward the front. The slide band sits on a white cedar spacer. The butt cap is stamped "H Hawes & Co Makers, Abercrombie & Fitch Co, Sole Agents, New York, U.S.A. A521". Wrapped in a very light tan color (almost clear) with dark brown at ferrules. Stainless guides, brass-topped tip tube and canvass outer bag.

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