Homer Jennings Fly Rod 7'9" 2/2 #5

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A superb Homer Jennings fly rod, 7'9", 2-piece, 2-tip, built for a #5 line.  Weighs 4 ounces. Serial number 501. Very nice medium fast action. This rod is in lightly used condition. There is a faint reel foot impression  on the reel seat and one tip has a hook dig just above the third guide down from the tip top. Mirrored tips with very small nodes in  three up node pattern construction. Wheat straw temper color to the cane and the main wraps are light tan almost matching the cane color. These are set off with a medium brown edge. The truncated swiss-style ferrules are wrapped light brown with an edge of tan and brown. Very tasteful! The stripping guide is a mildrum carbide and the snake guides are chrome. The varnish is superb. The ferrule fits are good and the rod is very straight. Bamboo and cork ferrule plug. The grip is 6" and a very blunt cigar shape composed 1/4" corks. The slide band reel seat spacer is possibly cherry wood with some brown bands and reflects the cane and wrap scheme in color. The nickel silver cap and ring have a small amount of oxidation from finger prints. Comes in a tan cloth bag with a stiffener. The tube is painted black and has a small dent near the collar. The collar and top are aluminum. A very high quality rod from Homer.