Howells, Gary - Personal Items


For sale here we have a collection of a few items from Gary Howells' personal fishing vest, acquired from Howell's estate by Craig Lynch. The items include:

- A red tin of Mucilin, the tin is metal not the newer plastic iterations. The tin is in a condition you would expect for rolling around in a vest but is free of dents. The lid closes securely. The contents and wiping pad are still intact. 

- A small aquarium style net used as a straining net for bugs. The wire handle of the net has been folded over to better fit in a vest pocket. There is one very small tear in the net but it is in otherwise excellent condition for a utilitarian object. 

- A spool of LUXOR KROIC GT tippet made by Pezon et Michel. The breaking strength is rated at 7.25LBS (roughly 3X-4X). There is still a good deal of tippet left on the spool. The spool itself is in great shape free of cracks or other defects. 

- A pair of standard hemostats with a curved jaw. They are stamped "Sunrise" and "India". They are in excellent condition free of rust, not bent, and the teeth to hold it closed work as they should. 

- A solid brass pocket scale for weighing fish streamside. The scale is marked "CHATILLON-N.Y.-U.S.A." "INST-T". The scale is much nicer than anything one could pick up on a fly shop now days. The scale works perfectly. There are no defects other than some honest wear and what time has done to the scale. A very neat item that brings the phrase "they don't make them like they used to" to mind. 

- A vinyl leader wallet. The leader wallet contains leaders 0X-6X in respective sleeves labeled in permanent marker by Howells. It is also labeled "G.H. Howells Richmond, Calif." on the 0X sleeve. The leaders are all Gladding brand and 9' in length with perfection loops. There are two 0X, two 1X, two 2X, two 3X, three 4X, three 5X, and four 6X leaders. There are also two loose leaders, one with a large used hare's ear (#14) and one leader with a piece of red cork used as an indicator. Also included are an assortment of various sized needles for threading flies and cleaning out eyes. 

- Last but certainly not least are five Montana fishing licenses. They are held in two black vinyl license holders from Four Rivers Sport Shop at 205 S. Main Twin Bridges, Montana 39754 (406) 684-5651. In the first are licenses from 1979, 1992, and 1993. The ink and information are clearly legible on all three. In the second holder are licenses from 1979, and 1994. As with the others they are clearly legible. All five are signed by Howells. 

The contents of one's fishing vest is a personal choice that not many others will see. These items give a unique and interesting look into the vest of one of the great bamboo fly rod makers.

A must have for Howells or R.L. Winston collectors. 

This and many other books, catalogs, and ephemera come from the collection of Craig Lynch. More to come as well....see here!

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