Joe Janciuras Bogdan-Style Prototype 3 1/4"


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For sale here is a prototype reel made by one of the best American reel makers in history, Joe Janciuras. This reel came from a friend of the family and this is the only one of its kind known to exist. A very early reel in Joe's esteemed reel making career.

The reel was bought directly from Joe's son in law in Rochester, NY where Joe's shop was when he was making reels.

The following is the description from Joe's son in law:
This is a Stan Bogdan-type ultra light trout reel "RECREATION" manufactured by Joe Janciuras. EXTREMELY RARE ONE OF A KIND REEL.
This is the only Bogdan type reel Joe Janciuras ever made. Although it is not an exact replica it is definitely a one of a kind collector piece. This reel is manufactured from alloy aluminum and it was machined and detailed to resemble an actual Bogdan ultra light trout reel with some of Joe's improvements, i.e. the internal mechanics & the reel's faceplate is adorned with more holes in a symmetrical hole pattern.

This reel incorporates Joe's unique coloring process that he developed to give the reel its bronzed/antiqued patina. It has never been spooled with line and it
comes with the custom deer hide pouch pictured. The only marks are very small handling/machining marks.

Joe Janciuras was known among custom reel builders and collectors as one of the premier builders of Vom Hofe style reels. While he was alive his recreation reels were considered to be the best on the market, unfortunately due to his un-timely death there aren't many around. To this day his reels command top dollar.

This particular reel is one that he manufactured to show up and coming reel builders how to do the process. He claimed it was a simple and basic design that is easily recreated, thus he only made the one. He felt that the Vom Hofe reels were more challenging and that he could recreate them and improve on the original design. Most collectors feel he did. That is why his reels are considered to be the BEST!

This reel's measurements are as follows: 3 1/4" diameter and spool width of 0.8". It would hold a 5-6wt line with backing. Fixed check favoring LHW. Weighs 7.3 oz.
Don't miss out on this one. You can be certain your collector/fishing buddies won't have a similar reel!