Joe Janciuras Brass Face Perfect Prototype 3 1/4"

SKU: VFT6240

For sale here is a protoype reel made by one of the best American reel makers of all-time, Joe Janciuras. This reel came from a friend of the family and this is the only one of its kind known to exist. A very early reel in Joe's esteemed reel making career. A letter from the reel's owner will come with the sale.

The reel has many characteristics of the Hardy Brass Face Perfect of course, and remains as solid functionally as anything Hardy's produced. The reel's measurements are almost identical to a Hardy 3 1/4" wide drum model, with both spools being a hair over one inch wide and both having a small arbor. The spool has eight cusps. The handle appears to be ivorine and spins freely on its post. The ribbed brass foot, attached with four screws, is original and unmolested and measures 2 5/8 in length. The strap over tensioner works as it should increasing the spring's tension throughout a wide range, from almost no drag to a drag that is extremely strong, and especially so with the spare pawl engaged as well! The rotating line guard appears to be made from aluminum. Three shouldered pillars plus the foot bridge, similar to the Hardy. The reel weighs 9 1/8 oz. There is absolutely no end play or wobble. A very tight reel!

Don't miss out on this one. You can be certain your collector/fishing buddies won't have a similar reel ;-)