Jardine Patent Brass/Ebonite Fly Reel 2 1/2"

SKU: VFT10762

For sale here is a scarce 2 1/2” Jardine patent brass and ebonite trout fly reel from the late 1800s. The reel features a perforated winding plate, caged drum (Heaton patent), horn handle that spins freely, German silver rims, perforated bridge foot, triple cage pillars and fixed check mechanism. Excellent plus overall condition. Minor line burns exist on one pillar. The clicker sounds and works flawlessly and there's absolutely no rub while winding. The reel weighs 4 5/8 oz. This is a great fishing reel to this day! I've seen a few 3 inch models the last few years, but this is the first 2 1/2 inch model I've seen!