Jenkins Rod Co. Model GA70L Bamboo Rod 7' 2/2 #3/4

SKU: VFT5748

For sale here is a Jenkins Model GA70L bamboo rod from the bench of Charlie and Steve Jenkins. Mint unused condition. 7 feet, 2/2 format for a 3 or 4 weight. Cigar cork grip. Stunning dark oxidized nickel silver cap and ring. Chestnut thread wraps. Oxidized nickel silver ferrules. Oxidized guides. Includes original cloth bag and labeled aluminum tube. The rod weighs 3 1/4 oz. and has a very smooth medium fast dry fly action. It's ideally suited for use with a DT3 Cortland Peach line. If fishing within 25 feet or so, a WF4 could work well too.

This rod was made between 1994 and 1999 according to Steve, but an exact date is not possible due to the loss of records from this time period. During this time period, both Steve and Charlie were living in Denver and combining their talents in building these fine rods. Charlie would split the cane, temper the cane and mill the strips to the butt section specifications. He would then pass the strips along to Steve who would finish the rod – glue the butt section, mill and glue the tips, straighten and ferrule the sections, add the components, wind the guides and prepare the rod for shipping.

I'm not sure you will find another pair of unused Jenkins rod like these two I just received on consignment. The other one is an eight foot Model GA80 from this time period as well, which will also be listed for sale soon.