Jonas, Joe - Wood Drake Duck Carving

Joe Jonas is an award-winning duck carver and has been at the craft for more than 30 years. His most prized carvings are realistic as opposed to many artists who carve more simplified duck decoys. Jonas has also taken first place in decoy carving competitions in 37 states.Jonas shapes the wood using saws, files and a variety of differently shaped knives. He uses a hot, thin blade to etch the individual strands for each feather on the bird and the tiny teeth into the bill. He matches the color and tone of his paint to real birds, not pictures. He imports jelutong wood from Indonesia for most of his birds. If he is carving a bird to float in competition, he will use tupelo wood.Former President Gerald Ford is among Joe's esteemed customer base.

This one is a miniature Wood Drake Duck, measuring 6" in length, 2 1/2" in width, and 3" in height. It weighs 1.9 oz.

Photos don't do it justice.....truly an amazing work of art. Check out the other two carvings for sale here as well, including a life-sized Mallard Drake!

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