JW Young Pattern No. 3 Fly Reel - possibly one of its kind!

Young’s No. 3 Fly Reel, possibly unique.

Red agate, silent check, 2 7/8” diameter, original box, mint condition.

Elwyn (Rupe) Atwood, author of the excellent Medlar Press book “J. W. Young, A century of the art of making fishing reels” states ~

“I am pretty sure it dates from the 1930’s, at a time when Young’s identified their reels by patterns number only.

In my opinion, your reel is a Pattern number 3.

As there are several ‘missing numbers’ in all my catalogues, I can only guess at why that should be, perhaps these missing numbers are for reels produced for specific companies?

Whatever the reason, this reel can be considered a very rare find and in the condition it is in - is almost unique.”

Garry Mills of Mill Tackle [Former Assembly Manager of J W Young & Sons Ltd] has handled the reel and also believes it to be an example of the missing No. 3.

The reel is badged – “Made in England for Mainwaring & Co. Paris.”

As well as being historically significant (if there is a new edition of Mr Atwood’s book it will be included) this is a beautiful little reel, and a fine example of the quality reels which Young’s produced before WW2.

This reel ships from our UK office.

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