Kenney, Larry -- 8'3 5wt Fiberglass Fly Rod

SKU: VFT3419

For sale here is a Larry Kenney 8'3" 5wt fiberglass fly rod. Three-piece configuration. The rod is in near mint condition. The blank is a unique grayish-tan clay color complimented with burgundy wraps. There are wraps at the 16" and 20" marks along the rod to help keep the fish tales to a minimum. Witness marks for easy alignment. Spigot ferrules for a better transfer of energy and thus a better cast. Shallow full wells grip that is less curvy than most. Aluminum, Payne-style, up-locking, screw-lock reel seat with a fine wood spacer. The seat has been anodized in a dark bronze color that is quite attractive. Weight 3.3 oz. The rod has a full-flexing medium-fast action that is very smooth and in part, thanks to the length, would excel on technical creek situations where perfect presentation is a must. Includes original bag and aluminum tube with J. Kenney label on the cap.