Kushner, Morris - "Exelereme" Bamboo Spinning Rod - 6'3

SKU: VFT11436

For sale here is a very rare Morris Kushner "Exelereme" bamboo spinning rod -- 6 feet three inches long, two sections with one tip.

Kushner rods are very scarce as he made less than 200 rods (most people say ~100) in his Michigan shop from the early 1950's until his death in 1973. Kushner was a Russian immigrant who had a metal working operation not far from the Paul Young Rod Co. shop. He built all of his own rod making equipment. Bob Summers eventually acquired his equipment and then began making rods of his own.

This rod is in fair original condition and weighs a mere 2.1 ounces. Rod does not come with a tube but does include the original brown bag with two sections. As the photos show, the varnish has worn off the butt section in one area below the female ferrule. The tip also shows some darkening of the cane under and around the last two guides with the varnish in these area also being worn. These two guides also show some rusting. Both sections are not entirely straight either. But hey -- where are you going to find another spinning rod built by Kushner? Bob Summers could do a restoration of this rod if you are so inclined. Even without a restoration, it would be an amazing rod for someone's collection!