Lancaster, R.W. - Lamar River 8' 5wt Bamboo Rod


For sale here is an R.W. Lancaster (Bob Lancaster) "Lamar River" 8' 5wt four-section bamboo rod. I've enjoyed fishing this rod but it's time to move it on.

Serial no. 40U83. Lancaster was greatly influenced by Paul H. Young's work and this rod has a taper modeled after the Para 15. The rod is in excellent overall condition. Oil-rubbed finish. Darkly tempered with dark caramel wraps. Blued guides and ferrules. Ventilated grip with thumb indentation like many PHY rods. Dual bronze sliding band reel seat over a cork spacer. The rod features a wet tip and dry tip. Swiss style ferrules size 10/14/18, the fit is nice and tight. The rod has a nice medium-fast parabolic action. The cane can easily be felt flexing well into the grip. Rod weighs 4.60 oz. Includes original wool flannel bag and aluminum tube. 

The rod was originally owned by Malcolm B. Seaholm, who had an extensive collection of Paul H. Young rods.

Mr. Lancaster told me the following back in 2011:

"I made the rod in 1983 with single tip and linseed oil finish. I think that another rod maker made the second tip. It is similar to the rod that I make today called the "Bow River". It has a taper similar to a Paul Young 'Para 15". The name "Lamar River" was inscribed because the buyer requested it. Occasionally a buyer wants a name based on where he fishes."

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