Lancaster, R.W. -- Mac Seaholm's 7'6 6wt Bamboo Rod


For sale here is a rod from Bob Lancaster -- dubbed the "Versatile" Karamea River -- 7'6" with four sections and two tips, best with a six weight line. The rod is in excellent condition. All sections are full length and straight. One of the tip top hoops is cracked and should be replaced.

The rod was originally owned by Malcolm B. Seaholm, who had an extensive collection of Paul Young rods as well.

Lancaster was greatly influenced by Paul Young's work and this rod has a taper inspired by the Martha Marie. The rod features mottle flamed cane with gold wraps and a matte finish. Garrison-style hook keeper. Blued hardware. Ventilated cigar grip with thumb indentation, measuring 6" in length with a very handsome patina. Dual knurled bronze sliding band reel seat over a mortised cork spacer. The Swiss-style ferrules are size 10/14/18 with a smooth, tight fit. The rod weighs 4.15 oz. The parabolic medium-fast action was designed for the big aggressive brown trout of New Zealand and the flies used to pursue them. The four-piece design makes the rod very easy to travel with obviously. 

Includes the original wool flannel bag and aluminum tube.