Leonard 50-5 Tournament Fly Rod 8' 3/2 #5

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An excellent H.L. Leonard 50-5 Tournament fly rod, 8', 3-piece, 2-tips that was built for a #5 but could also be fished a bit faster with a #4. Pre-fire vintage. A medium action semi-full flexing rod. 4.2 ounces listed on the hangtag. All original condition including the bag and tube. This rod has seen very little use - the grip is relatively clean for its age, the rod is straight, and the ferrule fits are very tight. The varnish has a few chips I would take care of before using and a bit of light alligatoring. 3 up node pattern construction. The wraps are light brown or tan with a green edge at the keeper and male ferrules. The guides are small heavy wire reverse twist with agate tip tops (as stated on the hangtag). The ferrules are a #10 and #15.  The female #15 has a very strong impression of the patent date.  The keeper is 1 flat right. The grip is unusually short(5") and composed of 3/8" corks in a medium blunt cigar profile. The reel seat is a down lock square thread screw lock made of aluminum. The spacer is varnished butternut with a nickel silver pocket cap stamped "The Leonard Rod, H.L. Leonard Rod Co, Makers" in a cartouche with "Reg.  U.S. Pat. Off." underneath. The hangtag states this rod is a "Tournament" with agate tip tops. The bag is olive-colored poplin. The tube is the older style with a large brass collar.