Leonard 7'11" 2/2 3.75 oz Parabolic

An unusually rare Leonard "Parabolic", a 7'11" rod, 2/2 for a #3 or #4 line. The rod weighs 3 3/4 oz and is marked #73 according to the bag tag. It has a square thread downlocking seat with pocket nickel silver cap over a butternut spacer. "The Leonard Rod, H. L. Rod Co. Makers, reg U. S. pat off" is stamped on the cap. This Leonard boasts bright ferrules, with chrome guides and tip-tops. The grip is a slim cigar, which shows minor ridging from a cleaning. Please note: this rod has been refinished using a modern dip and wrap over technique. This rod also incorporates a negative ferrule drop, .189 at female, .194 at male. Medium-slow action. Comes in a poplin bag with wooden stiffener and a brass topped aluminum tube.

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