HL Leonard Model 50DF Bamboo Rod 8' 3/2 #5


For sale here is a pre-fire H.L. Leonard Model 50DF Tournament -- 8' 3/2 5wt bamboo rod. The rod is in excellent overall condition. 

Straw-colored cane with unique salmon-colored wraps and purple tipping. These wrap colors are not the standard Leonard colors so the rod could have been custom ordered with these wraps from the factory or the rod could have been refinished at some point.

Blued guides. Gradually swelled butt. Nickel silver checks. Classic cigar grip 5" in length with very light ridging present. Bright nickel silver cap and ring reel seat over a mortised butternut spacer. "Tournament" is stamped on the butt cap along with the pre-fire Leonard stamp and a bull's eye pattern on the bottom. The nickel silver ferrules retain a pleasing fit. Indented witness marks on the ferrule shoulders. The rod weighs 3.80 oz. Versatile medium-fast action, a terrific all-around trout rod. Includes the original bag and tube with brass fittings. 

Don't miss out on this classic pre-fire Leonard model 50DF - one of their most popular models and for good reason.